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In 2004, hundreds of HCA Healthcare colleagues and their families in Florida were affected by a string of hurricanes. Immediately following the storms, HCA Healthcare employees throughout the United States wanted to know how they could help. Contributions came in and were disbursed out to HCA Healthcare families that had been impacted. To these families, the contributions from their fellow employees represented much more than financial relief. They represented hope that life might soon return to normal.

The Hope Fund has since evolved to support HCA Healthcare colleagues and their families when facing financial hardship. This hardship can be in the form of disaster, illness or injury, domestic violence, death of a loved one, or other difficult situations.


The HCA Healthcare Hope Fund is:

    • An employee-run, employee-supported 501(c)3 charity

    • A public charity

    • Governed by an independent Board of Directors comprised of employees from across the country

    • Not an employee benefit


In 2018, the HCA Healthcare Hope Fund was able to help more than 3,700 HCA colleagues and their families with over $7.6 million in grants. This included more than 1,100 HCA Healthcare Florida colleagues with nearly $1 million in grants after Hurricane Michael pummeled the Florida Panhandle. 


Your support of Targeting Hope helps those within the HCA Healthcare family that need it the most. Because of your efforts, Targeting Hope was able to help 10 HCA Healthcare colleagues and their families in 2019. Thank you for helping the HCA Healthcare family do what they do best -- take care of others.

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